Best SEO Plugins for WordPress (2022)

best seo plugins for wordpress

Introduction In today’s modern, connected world, gone are the days of catalogs and phone books. Every successful business requires one thing: customers. From finding the nearest dentist to locating the most appealing neighborhood, a lot of people use Google. So, if your business or website can’t be found online, it’s as if you don’t exist! […]

How to install an SSL certificate for a Bitnami Lightsail Instance: Bitnami WordPress SSL

How to install an SSL certificate for a Bitnami Lightsail Instance

If you still need to set up a Bitnami instance in Amazon Lightsail, learn how to get started for free. Introduction Learning how to install an SSL certificate for a Bitnami Lightsail instance is an integral part of setting up your WordPress website. You may be wondering, why do I need an SSL certificate? SSL […]

How to Setup Free AWS WordPress Hosting with Amazon Lightsail

aws wordpress hosting

WordPress on Amazon Web Services (AWS) has gotten extremely popular as of late thanks to its simple setup, flexible pricing, and speedy performance. Lightsail is the perfect platform for a new user looking to install WordPress on AWS. Why WordPress? In this tutorial, we will guide you through launching, configuring, and logging into a WordPress […]

The Benefits of WordPress

benefits of wordpress

Curious about all the WordPress hype? Today we will explain to you the benefits of WordPress and why it is such a revolutionary platform. WordPress is a content management system that was initially used for making blogging sites. Now, many businesses and corporations have made their websites on WordPress. Nearly one-third of the world’s websites […]