The Benefits of WordPress

Curious about all the WordPress hype? Today we will explain to you the benefits of WordPress and why it is such a revolutionary platform. WordPress is a content management system that was initially used for making blogging sites. Now, many businesses and corporations have made their websites on WordPress. Nearly one-third of the world’s websites are made on it. There are a lot of other content management systems that have their pros and cons. The major benefit of WordPress is that it is cost-effective, and you can download and install it for free. Moreover, it is quite easy to use, and you can make a WordPress site without any technical knowledge.

If you want to make either a personal blog or a full-featured business site, there is not any problem if you know WordPress. You can even create e-commerce websites by using its WooCommerce plugin.

If you are thinking of making a WordPress website, then go ahead! Because there are a lot of benefits of WordPress that we are going to discuss in this article. Let’s have a look at them.

Benefits of WordPress

Easy to use

Do you want to make a website on your own but worried about how to do it because you do not have any technical knowledge? No need to worry!

Through WordPress, you can make an attractive website without knowing HTML, CSS, design techniques, or programming knowledge. Even if you have not used any content management system before, you can build a professional website through WordPress. With WP, you do not need a web designer. All you need is to download and install it or go to the dashboard screen by logging in. The interface is understandable and easy to use, adding content is simple, and you can add any new feature by installing the plugins.

Multiple themes for multiple purposes

WordPress comes with a large number of themes that you can select according to your need and choice. If you want to make a blogging site, whether it’s a lifestyle blog, food blog, cooking blog, technical blog, a blog for photography, or any other business website, you will find a theme that will best fit with your content. Many of them are free, and if you want a specialized or premium one, you can also purchase them. The other best thing is that you can preview it and change the layout.

WordPress is cost-effective

Gone are the days when creating a website was so expensive and required a lot of time, thanks to WordPress. With this CMS, you can make a cost-effective website. Just not making a website through it is easy and cheaper, but the maintenance is also less expensive. All you need to pay for is the domain and website hosting.

Easily Customizable

WordPress websites are easy to customize because the themes come with their customizing options. You can change colors according to your choice, change the background, upload the logo of your brand, make attractive sliders, and change the layout as you want.

Moreover, if you want any additional features on your website, you can install the related plugin and add the functionality. Just like paid themes, there are plugins that you can purchase according to your need.

WordPress Sites are Fully Responsive

While making a website, it is our major concern that the site is fully responsive to every device. Nowadays, most of us visit sites using our mobiles. If the website is difficult to navigate on a mobile screen or if it’s not responsive, it will result in a bad user experience. Non-responsive websites make a user leave and go somewhere else.

WordPress themes are fully responsive and change the design and orientation of the layouts depending on the device. It is not difficult to make a mobile responsive and custom site with WordPress.

Plugin Functionality

If you want to create a basic site, then WordPress includes all the elements to create a simple website. But more and more functionalities are required when you want to develop a specialized website. For example, if you want to make an e-commerce site, you need to add a WooCommerce plugin for it, and if you try to add a contact form, there is a plugin name ContactForm7 and so on. You can install or uninstall plugins according to your need.

WordPress is SEO Optimized

Websites built with WordPress have simple code that makes them suitable for Google indexing. You can make your website more SEO optimized using plugins and SEO extensions. Yoast is the best plugin that will help your website rank top on search engines. You can also set up permalinks that search engines prefer. Another best feature is that WordPress creates titles, meta descriptions, and tags for all the pages and posts. This feature increases the optimization because, in this way, search engines know your content and get your site indexed and rank higher in search engines.

WordPress Sites are Secure and Safe

WordPress is not considered to be a secure platform, but that’s not quite true. In this digital world, nothing is 100% secure because of cyberattacks. But if you built your site properly, keep the security certificates up to date, and maintain it regularly, it is safe. You can make it more through various methods. If you regularly update the plugins and themes that you use while building and maintaining the website, then you can consider your website safe from potential hackers. Another thing to make sure of is that the hosting you use supports the latest security standards.

Final Words

WordPress is widely used for making attractive sites all over the world. It is the easiest way to build sites from simple blogs to business websites or online stores. We have discussed a lot of benefits of WordPress in this article, and now you are pretty much familiar that what kind of sites you can design with it and which features you can add to them. It is equally suitable for creating any website. Whether you are a blogger, a business owner, run an online store, or a brand to advertise your products, this content management system is the right choice. It not only gives full control over your site, from development to maintenance, but also provides you added security.

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